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The thermal baths of the island: wellness and relaxation in Ischia

The marvelous thermal waters of the island of Ischia are very well known, used already in ancient times, in fact the first settlers, Eubonic, used and appreciated the island's springs, as confirmed by the findings at the site of Pithecusa, today kept at the Archaeological Museum of Villa Arbusto near Lacco Ameno.

The waters were used by the Greeks to rebalance the spirit and the body but also to heal the after-effects of war wounds, since they attributed powers beyond the natural. For these reasons, temples in honor of Apollo in Delphi were present at all spas. Even the scholar Strabo, a Greek geographer and historian, mentions the beneficial characteristics of the island's thermal springs in his work “L'Isola d'Ischia”.

The Romans in turn used them as an instrument of relaxation and care with the construction of public Thermae exploiting numerous springs on the island. The Roman baths on the island were not characterized by sumptuous decorations like those present in other spas of the time, this probably due to the continuous eruptions and continuous earthquakes that have always bothered the island.

Holidays at the Terme di Saturnia

For tourists who want to spend a relaxing and well-being holiday, we recommend booking at hotels, bed and breakfasts and Wellness Centers in Saturnia . The centers have affordable and advantageous prices. Tourists who are just passing through can still immerse themselves in the sulphurous waters of the thermal baths, free and accessible to anyone.

Streams and sulphurous springs gush from the ground and form small natural pools carved into the rock, where you can immerse yourself for hours. The main pool has a very particular aspect: the turquoise color of the water blends with the colors of the sky blurred by the vapors that rise upwards, a very surreal atmosphere.